How Canadian are you?

Dear Sunday readers,
How Canadian are you?
After hearing this question, many of us expect a quiz
about Canada.
How many oceans do we have?
Which is the largest province?
What is our
favorite sport?
What is the main
ingredient in poutine? 
An so on…. Today, I have a new question to add to the
quiz.  Do you buy Canadian products?
When we buy Canadian, we are securing jobs, and creating
new ones. We can make a better Canada buying Canadian clothes, food, home
goods, design, jewellery, etc., and we can enrich our communities.
Here at Jewel Envy, we have fine crafts made in Canada,
in a wonderful environment, with a diverse group of goldsmiths from every
corner of the globe.
Shop Canadian, shop local, support your communities!
Have a nice Sunday!

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