Know Your Gemstones!

Do you know that different gemstones have their special inclusions? Do you know how to differentiate natural, synthetic and treated gemstones? Here are some fun pictures help you to know your gemstones!

Synthetic Blue Sapphire

The curved colour bands are the evidence tells you the sapphire is synthetic. Natural sapphire would show straight colour bands.

Treated Blue Sapphire

This sapphire was treated by a method called surface diffusion to produce or increase the colour of natural sapphire. After this treatment, some stones would show colour concentrations on the bottom facet junctions under the water.

Glass top doublet stone

Normally, glass topped doublet would show a red rim under the LED light. This is one way to test your stone to see if it is doublet or not.

Demantoid Garnet

This inclusion is called horsetail (a form of asbestos). This kind of inclusion only can be seen in demantoid.

Natural Diamond

The tiny rough surface is called natural. It is a portion of the original surface of a rough diamond left on a fashioned stone. Usually on or near the girdle. This is the proof of natural diamond.

Now it’s time to check your gemstones!

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