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At Jewel Envy, we see lots of chains. We sell chains, we make chains, and we repair chains. Here are some observations and tips from the goldsmith’s bench:

Most people concentrate on style, length and price when choosing a chain. However, one of the most important considerations is strength! The required strength depends on how often the chain will be worn, what conditions it will endure, and the size/weight of any pendant it is expected to hold. It is vital to the lasting enjoyment of a new or newly repaired necklace or bracelet to discuss a chain’s tolerance with a goldsmith. You will be glad you did!

When the required size or preferred look of a gold chain is out of the budget, there are options that meet a multitude of needs without compromising aesthetic.

Gold plated means that a microscope layer of genuine gold has been added, though an electric process, to a more affordable metal. It will need re-plating as it wears with time and use, but it is a great way to showcase a special piece or a special outfit.

Gold filled means that a layer of gold has been fused to another metal, completely covering it so that it looks like a solid gold piece. It contains more gold and costs more than a plated piece, but the gold endures longer and looks great!

Hollow chains are made through a process that allows for larger looking genuine gold links without the weight and cost of solid gold. The links are completely empty behind their very thin gold walls. They will not hold up to pulling, stretching, or squishing, but with gentle care, they provide beauty and style for moderate budgets.

The most versatile is solid gold. It keeps it’s colour, it can be repaired, and it holds value. As long as the correct chain is chosen for the correct job, it can endure a long time.

If you have any questions, drop by and have a chat with one of our Goldsmiths. This is what we do!

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