Online shop

Dear Sunday Readers,

Previously our online shop has featured three of our great
goldsmiths, Jewelust by Amanda Henderson, Atelier J by Micheline Roi, and It
Jewelry Design by Ivane Thiebaut. Their
incredible and original designs are available at Jewel Envy.

Our next artist in our
online shop is Pash Jewellery Design by Gillian E. Batcher. Three great pieces
will be available for you to enjoy! This line has been in production by Pash
Jewellery Design for over ten years.  Her
well known creativity adds new and bright ideas to these original and unique

1. Fan Twig Earrings with Ombre Gold Plating – sterling silver,
24K gold plating. The earrings are made in matched pairs but each one is a
little different and no two pairs are ever alike. The earrings hang
approximately 60mm from the top of the hook.  


2. 6 Square Twig Necklace: Sterling silver – comes on a 16” chain
but you are able to request 18” for the same price. Each square will be a
little different in size and shape but they are all around 30mm x 30mm.


3. Twig Ring: Sterling silver – comes in any requested ring size.
Be aware this shape is unusual but very comfortable. It will measure a minimum
of 1 ring size smaller on a ring mandrel but will fit the way the size ordered
fits. It is because of the “u” shape of the shank that it fits this way. There
are ten rows of twigs in each ring and each row will be a little different with
no two rings ever the same. The rings are approximately 15mm deep and the width
on your figure changes based on the ring size.

Buy online, stop by the studio, or
call to make an appointment, Jewel Envy is always ready to serve you!
Have a nice Sunday!