resin jewellery

  Working with different medium to create a piece of jewellery is always exciting. Resin is a great material to add colour, volume and transparency effect to your work. For my Blood Diamond Bullet piece, I added red and a little bit of black pigment to clear polyester resin to create flowing blood effect.

Rosalyn Woo, Blood Diamond Bullets, sterling silver, copper, polyester resin and synthetic stones

It was essential to make the surface of resin high polished to clearly see inside of the resin.
polishing plastic : This is a link where you can get polishing compounds for plastic. The surface of plastic should be sanded with fine sand paper before it gets polished, same as metal.

Here is another example of  jewellery using resin by Dawn Gulyas. It is great way to embed objects as well. If you are interested to learn how to make resin jewellery, we have upcoming resin classes at Jewel Envy.
Go to this link resin class

Dawn Gulyas(England), Brooch, resin and gold, 1998.
(photo from ‘Resin Jewellery’ by Kathie Murphy)

Rosalyn 🙂

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