Share your studio memories with us!

Since we’ve turned the corner into December, the end of the year is fast approaching, with all the usual feelings (and probably a few more than usual!!). For us all at the studio, it’s a special milestone this year–December marks fifteen years of being open! In recognition of this, we are running a Share Your Memories event.

As you (hopefully) know, we do a fair amount of re-imagining of jewellery for our clientele, where you bring in older jewellery that often has some sentimental value attached to it, and remodel it into something more contemporary, but still with meaning. In addition, we’ve also shared so many special days with you- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements, celebrating milestones, and helped to restore broken or damaged jewellery to full health. We love them all! And we’d love to hear from you about them.

To that end, we’re asking you, our amazing customers, to share a memory of the studio with us–this might be a particular piece, a particular interaction, really, anything memorable about you and the studio. You can send it to us by email (, or through Instagram or Facebook by DM. Pictures also welcome!

In recognition of our customers (and a slight incentive to share your stories with us), anyone who sends us a memory will be entered in a draw for a $200 gift certificate, good for online or in store shopping with the studio (good for jewellery in stock in the studio-so in the cases, or available through the online shop!).

The Share Your Memories event will run until December 24th, 4pm (which, incidentally, is when we will close for the official holidays). So, warm up those typing fingers, and send us a message!

Hope to hear from you, either on line or in store, and have a great Saturday!

Robin (House of Cassady)

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