Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dear Sunday Readers,



Today is Artist Spotlight on Ivane Thiebaut.

Envy is participating in the Toronto Offsite Design Festival with an
exhibition called “Building Blocks.” This exhibition runs until January
31 this year.  You are very welcome to take a look of our basement
windows on Roncesvalles. They will be showing great and unique pieces
from the goldsmith at the studio.
of this pieces is a pendant made by Ivane Thiebaut, French from birth
and Canadian from marriage, she brings her shining and very personal
sense of design
to her jewellery line.
lovely pendant called “Mother Earth” is made by hand and is an
incredible medallion in mist blues and shows her finest and very
personal work.

You can see her at her best in her Web site, “color, and materials are joined together in a beautiful adornment for you to wear everywhere, everyday…”

These three lovely pieces and more can be seen if you come to visit her at the studio.

Stop by, say hello, and support your small local businesses!
Have a happy Sunday!