Superstition: Super Sucess!

Last Thursday was the opening of Zilberschmuck’s eighth annual national juried exhibition, and the work was fantastic! I always enjoy seeing how many different interpretations there can be on a single theme. That’s the best part about art, in my opinion. Besides making it of course.
There were 33 entries including Jewel Envy’s own: Gillian Batcher, Alexis Kostuk, Lianne Friesen, and Fatima Tataragic. The exhibition runs until May 26th. Open Tues – Sat, 11:00am – 6:00pm. 910 Kingston Rd, Toronto Ontario.

Read more about all the entries on Zilberschmuck’s blog.


“Armoured Heart” by Gillian Batcher

“Mutant Eye” & “Evil Eye” by Alexis Kostuk

“Worry Stone” by Lianne Friesen

“Homage to a Childhood Superstition” by Fatima Tataragic