Prepping for Show Season

It’s been a busy month at Jewel Envy for me! Aside from custom orders, I am preparing for my first show of the year at Craftadian in Hamilton on April 6th and 7th.

I still have many pieces of make and lots and lots of wire to draw down.

Attached is a sneak peek of my new designs as well as where i’ll be at Craftadian.

If you have time, pop by!

Enjoy the sun today!



Did you know, filigree was invented about 5000 years ago in the middle east? It is a very unique style of jewellery making.

When you see intricate metalwork consisting of twisted/ interwoven fine wires, that is filigree. Its not just wires but threads too and these very thin wires are twisted together to create beautiful intricate patterns. These patterns are then placed together and soldered together to make jewellery whether it be rings, earrings or pendants.

Above picture are a pair of earrings made by one of Jewel Envy’s resident goldsmiths called Shafiq Sarwari featuring said filigree. His type of earrings are ‘openwork’ filigree’. When I say openwork filigree, that means there is no backing in his design. This style of filigree has a lace like quality and he hand twisted and coiled each delicate coil.

Come in to Jewel Envy to take a closer look!

See you guys next time,


The Holidays are Here!

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post is about my summer/ fall and holiday season. My name is Eunice Lin and I’m a member at Jewel Envy and have been since Summer. I love working in this space. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and helpful. (not trying to make this sound like a review)

So for the past few months I have been attending all shows to sell my work. Some were in Toronto, some were further away from Toronto and my furthest one was in Hamilton at Craftadian. When I wasn’t attending shows, I was making jewellery. It has been a very busy few months so it’s nice to finally have a break.

You can find all my jewellery now at Jewel Envy! Come visit! And you can follow me on my journey at

IG: eunice.l.designs .


Hydro stone is a light weight plaster which can be used to create very tough wearable objects with a very similar feel and working properties to stone. It’s similar to the investment compound we use in casting. Mix with water and let set and it quickly becomes a stone like material.

Check out these jury-rigged molds I’ve been playing around with! Simply created using foam board and a glue gun.

They look pretty rough, but they work!

Why are the Cardinals red?

There are so many different types of alternative finishings for jewellery. Today, I want to introduce to you ceramit enamel. Ceramit is basically low temperature curing, hard enamel. It has a ceramic like surface. Ceramit comes in 14 colours. The beautiful cardinals with their vibrant red colour is red ceramit.

Earrings – Sterling silver with black spinels and red ceramit. By Gillian Batcher.

Silver for Summertime

I love the versatility of silver jewelry and the way it glistens in the sun! It’s no secret that silver jewelry is on trend and becoming an increasingly popular choice this year. Cool and light, it makes the perfect summer statement as it looks great with breezy summer outfits – it can be casual enough to sport dock-side, or dressed up for an event!

Here are some fun breezy prices that would make a stylish addition to your collection, yet are simple and timeless enough to continue wearing throughout the seasons and for years to come ☀️

Heart Ring by Jerell Reichert

Silver Ring by Kathy Winfield

Silver Studs by Maddie Kingston

Silver Loop Bracelet by Natalia Naranjo

Unique layering options with silver chains in various styles!

The Basics of Jewellery Cleaning

Caring for Pearl and Opal Jewellery

Pearls are one of the few gems that benefit from wear and touch. The oils from your skin help pearls keep their lustrous appearance. Even if you do not wear your pearls often you should hold them on a regular basis to transfer the unseen oil from your skin to onto them. If their oils dry out, pearls begin to crack and will break.

You must take the utmost care when cleaning jewellery with pearls in it. They cannot be exposed to many chemicals or heat. Chemical solutions will eat away at the lustrous finish and can eat through the layers of nacre that a pearl is made up of. A gentle plain cloth is the best way to polish pieces with pearls. This means they require regular care to minimize tarnish and ensure surface oils are present.

Opals are considered an unstable gemstone but are valued for the vibrant colours that are produced inside of them. The colours are a result of water held within the stone. Opals should never be exposed to extreme temperature changes or chemicals. When the water inside the opal dries out, the stone cracks and loses its fire. Chemicals use for cleaning, which would not affect harder stones, can leach into opals and change their colours.

’20 Tips on maintaining our Jewellery’, Gillian E. Batcher, 2013

Sterling silver and pearl earrings by Kristen Vittorini

Spring, the perfect earring season

Spring is the prefect time of year to bust out those large pair of earrings you have been dying to wear without having to contend with a scarf – we’re almost there. In preparation you can check out some earrings available here at Jewel Envy or get in touch with us to start a custom pair. There’s a link to each goldsmith’s website or instagram – if their style strikes your fancy be sure to check out the link under each picture to see MORE! of their work – Alexis






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