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Dear Sunday Readers,
There are so many things going on at Jewel Envy right now, we have our
in studio exhibition, “Asymmetric”, on
display. Help us to find out who made the best piece of jewellery for the show
by voting in the store in person or by viewing our 
blog and voting online!
Among many other classes, that you can check on our
web site, like Earrings on October 28th or Band Rings on November 3rd,
our last 8-week classes for 2018 are Casting-intro and intermed on October 18th
and Introductory Fabrication on October 23rd

Register for classes here!

I love the opportunity to give you a quick and
illustrative information about casting with one of my own pieces.
In the lost wax casting process, the casting in
created using a centrifuge.

Ones the wax model has been invested in a flask
mold (you can see more than one wax on the pic bellow), it’s embedded in
investment plaster, then the wax is eliminated from the mold by heat, after
been on the kiln for than 8 hours, the flask mold in mounted on the centrifuge
in a crucible in which metal is pour in an amount sufficient to fill the mold.

wax tree

covering with plaster


The centrifuge does its work and after a couple of
minutes you can take the flask and poured it on the water.
The result is amazing, you have now the pieces in
metal ready to be attached and polish!
casted pieces

casted pieces cut apart

The final piece of jewelry is done! do not miss the
great opportunity of doing it yourself and enjoy one of the most incredible
process in jewelry making!
finished piece!

This and more are what we do at Jewel Envy, come to
visit us and become a part of our great and incredible daily life!
Have a nice Sunday!


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