Piercings and Fine Jewellery

This topic is a serendipitous one for me, as previous experience as a piercer at a tattoo parlor and my current work as a goldsmith bring together an answer for something that many people may wonder about.

What is a piercing?

In basic terms, a piercing is a small hole made to fit a ring, stud or another kind of jewellery in a part of the body other than the ear lobes. The most important point is that piercings are essentially open wounds, and like any other type of wound, should be handled safely and carefully to avoid infections and other type of problems.

So, is it safe to use fine jewellery on a body piercing?

It’s difficult to answer this question, it all depends on the metals. For example, copper is present in most silver alloys, and it may cause adverse reactions on the body; it also tarnishes and it oxidizes releasing some harmful chemicals in very small quantities, still something you don’t want on an open wound.

Other metal present on fine metal alloys that may cause reactions is Nickel, mostly present in gold alloys, Nickel causes adverse reaction to many people even in small quantities, irritation and can even change the color of the skin around the piece.

Other factors that might influence are the part of the body the piercing is, moisture will make worse any allergic reaction and infection, places like nose, mouth and genitals, also they are highly prone to infections.

In conclusion, for my experience in both fields, my recommendation will be not to use any fine jewellery piercings, look for surgical grade and hypoallergenic metals and leave gold and silver for rings and necklaces, out of reach from any open wound.

I’m leaving some interesting articles detailing more the information:


I hope you find this little tip informative and keep posted for more information,



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