The Next Jewellery Social!

The Jewellery Social was originally an event created to get the jewellers in Toronto all excited about SNAG the jewellery conference that took place in May of 2013. It was an effective way to get us together and acting as a group to help put on this extensive conference but post SNAG it did not seem to have a purpose anymore. 
It took a few months but we realized it was an event the jewellery community was crying out for so we made some tweaks to the format and relaunched it at Jewel Envy in October. 
This new format has rotating venues and themes to make it exciting and inclusive to jewellers, students, industry suppliers and jewellery lovers alike. 

For the next little while it will be four times a year but maybe will become a monthly fixture again in the future. We have big plans for this little event so be sure to sign up for the emails here. or ask to join the Jewellery Social -Toronto group on Facebook

The next social is called “SHOP Studio” which is an art jewellery
show and sale. This event will represent the work of six artists including Ivanne
Binetruy, Shao-Pin Chu, Charles Funnell, Emily Gill, Heba Kandil and Elizabete

The opening reception will be on Saturday, December 7th, from
6pm to 10pm.
What is really exciting about this event is the artist’s talk
with Charles Funnell at 7pm so be sure to drop in early so you do not miss

The exhibition will run from the opening date until December
Location: Shao Design Studio, 35 Golden Avenue, Toronto. (416)777-1313. 

Please call Shao Design Studio for opening hours during the scheduled

Toronto International Jewellery Festival

What do you know about the Toronto International Jewellery Festival (TIJF –

It is a month long jewellery festival that will showcase the talent of Canadian goldsmiths through dozens of exhibitions across the city. It is the first ever of its kind in Toronto and here at Jewel Envy, we are involved in a few of the exhibitions, including our own, New Life. (

Jewel Envy invited past and present members of the studio to interpret
the theme “New Life” through the creation of art jewellery pieces. Some very interesting pieces have been created (believe me, I’ve seen a few!) and the show is going to be a great one! The opening is May 3 from 5-10pm, and the work will be on display for the entire month of May.

Another exhibition that will feature the work of JE goldsmiths Amanda Henderson and Fatima Tataragic, is called Emotions: Fury to Joy.  ( This show asks the participating artists to take an emotional journey from fury to joy with two stops in between. The two middle emotions are up to the artist and will tell an emotional story. The work on display will be each artists interpretation of the emotions into personal adornment.

The final exhibition (that we know about right now, we are awaiting the announcement of judging results for more exhibitions), is called 45 Years in the Making ( This exhibition will showcase the talent and skill of George Brown College’s jewellery program alumni. We have many GBC grads here that will be featured, including Gillian Batcher, Lauren Hanham, Amber Thomas-Penchoff, and Kathryn Rebecca Pitt, who is sadly no longer with Jewel Envy. It is being organized by me, Amanda Henderson.

These are only three of the 3 dozen TIJF exhibitions that are so far announced. I hope you are all as excited as I am for May!


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