Tree of Life – what can it teach us?

I have always loved the Tree of Life. Aside from its beautiful aesthetic appeal, I am so drawn to what it represents. I thought to myself, given the current state of the world, I can’t imagine a better time to discuss the meaning and significance behind this sacred symbol.

The tree’s roots reach deeply into the soil, absorbing from the Earth to sustain itself. It’s leaves and branches extend to the sky, drinking in the nourishment of the sun and oxygen. Without what is above and below, it simply cannot exist. It is connected to the Earth and it’s environment will impact its ability to grow, thrive, become strong, sustain the seasons, and bear fruit and seeds for future generations to enjoy. The Tree of Life is a symbol for our connectedness to each other and to our planet. The tree is us, one and all.

As the world has gone quiet, stores shut down, services reduced, it has become easier to see how much we are all dependant on one another. Our decisions, seemingly small, have an impact on the world. It has also become clear that when we work together, there can be real change on a global scale – should we choose it.

Tree of Life with Labradorite, Jessica Nehme

I made this Tree of Life to necklace to remind me of this. That I am connected to everyone and everything, and to remind myself that every action in life, big or small, has a reaction. It reminds me to be responsible, to be grateful for the good in the world, and to have faith that together we can do amazing things.

If you are interested in having your own Tree of Life, reach out to us at Jewel Envy and we would be happy to help. Even though our doors are closed, our owner Gillian is monitoring online orders from our website and we can ship orders within 1 to 2 days after payment. Please reach out to us through phone or email with any questions, we are here to help!

Stay safe and best wishes!


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