Spotlight on our goldsmith Amanda Henderson!

Welcome back to another spotlight on one of our talented goldsmiths. Amanda joined the Jewel Envy crew back in our previous location as we were thinking about moving so she has been with us for a while now.

Amanda has a fairly wide range of work including everything from Dr Who inspired pieces, to Movember themed mustaches to bridal jewellery to Art Deco designs.

I have seen a few sneak peaks of new pieces under development from the Art Deco line and all I can say is I hope we get them in the store this spring. I love the crisp lines and clean finishes in this work. It seems our customers feel the same since we can barely keep them in the store. Below are a couple pieces we have in stock right now. If they speak to you too, drop in and try them on quick so you can snatch them up for your spring wardrobe!


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