Spotlight on Helena!

Happy Sunday Readers,

Today we are going to have a look at some new work by Helena Perez Lafaurie as she has been experimenting in the studio. Her usual style is a contemporary look with quite a bit of weight to her pieces. She loves to make bold rings and necklaces; the solid kind that make music when you wear them and they have the chance to jingle up next to other pieces. You know the ones with weight behind them in design and function.

Lately she has been experimenting with some simple geometric shapes that are on trend for the season. What I am really enjoying about these new pieces is that the shapes may be minimal yet she still incorporates hefty findings and chains. This means they will have years of enjoyment ahead for the lucky wearers that take them home.

Be sure to come and check out these and other fabulous pieces by Helena this season.

As always be bold and wear amazing jewellery today and every day!