DIY Valentines

At Jewel Envy we love a good DIY, since everything is handmade here and we love teaching from the studio when we’re not busy creating. After a trip to the craft store for supplies I had to hold back from purchasing stuff that I did not need immediately (always a struggle!)

I wanted to collect some fun ideas for Valentine’s coming up this Wednesday. Click captions below each picture to find tutorials. 
If you use any of the tutorials be sure to share with us, we love seeing creativity in action! And if you’re in search for any last minute gifts, you can always head our way ;o)

I’m nostalgic for using craft paper to create pop-up cards for Valentines. It is the first thing my mind thinks of when it is approaching – I love this variation.

If anyone in your life loves popcorn look how pretty -and tasty!- this looks. I would even say a fresh batch whipped up with whatever topping you love to share with others is a treat I know I would love to get.

I’ve made these rose a few times from this very tutorial. I love using patterned paper and mixing colours together.

I never throw out any corks, they’re always great to reuse in a variety of ways. A fridge magnet and plant is one of those great ways!

Make use of any extra thread lying around.

For anyone crochet skills, how cute is this?!

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