2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Boulder Opal Pendant $130, Hoops $65 by glaciale goldsmith, Alexis Kostuk.

Tourmaline earrings $275, Tourmaline Pendant $315 by Van Walraven Goudsmid Peter van Walraven.

Lovely Tree Necklace $235, Sassanid Motif Cufflinks by Saeedeh Rahmati.

Simple M Pendant $110, Simple M Earrings $140 by House of Cassady, Robin Cassady-Cain.

Cube and Twig Necklace $500, Cube Twig Earrings $400 by Pash Jewellery Design, Gillian Batcher.

Circle Necklace $410, Wide Silver Band $390 by HPL Jewellery Design, Helena Perez Lafaurie.

Dripping Circle Necklace $125, Clematis Earrings $180 by Cosmic Skye Jewellery, Skye Stutt.

Domed Cuff Bracelet $245, Heart Cufflinks $230 by Urban Metal, Jerell Reichert.

Lepas Earrings $350, Pillars Brooch $300 by Kinsley Vey Designs, Alex Kinsley.

Pearl Earrings $120, Rhythm Cufflinks $160 by Vera Wei.

Dangling FLower Earrings $520, Flower Cuff Bracelet $560 byRadi Brothers Jewelry, Zef Radi.

Flower Earrings $200, Filigree Pendant $200 by Shafiq Sarwari.

Bubbles Ring $145, Tree of Life Necklace $190 by Jessica Rita Jewelry, Jessica Nehme.

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