Spring curation for a Saturday

In honour of the spring-like temperatures we’ve had this week, here’s my curated collection of things that are making me feel spring-like!

Are you feeling it? Clockwise from top left: Flower earrings with stones (Frekkeldesigns), stone stacking rings (3; Glaciale Goldsmith), Circles ring (Winfield Design), Tulip clutch pin (Edna Milevsky), M clutch pin (House of Cassady), Shell Flower earrings (Pash Jewellery Designs), filigree Flower earrings (Shafiq’s Jewelry), Butterfly kiss earrings (Eunice L Designs)

Come see them in person in the shop, and discover some other new designs, perfect to lift you up with that spring feeling!

Enjoy Saturday, whatever you’re doing.


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