Visiting Kobe Pearl Museum

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys all doing well. Today I would like to bring you to Kobe city in Japan. Kobe, the city of Pearls, is renowned for its processing of pearls. Did you know 70% of the world’s pearl circulation takes place here?

I had a chance to trip to Kobe two years ago and I accidentally run into this tiny museum. This museum is very small but covers a century of Akoya pearl farming and story of Kobe’s history with pearls in easily understandable manner.

A Pearl Tree featuring the fantastic 10,000 grain shine Akoya pearl. The trees illuminated from above and below are like huge chandeliers. It took over 3 months handcrafted one by one.

Pearls are formed an irritant, such as a piece of sand becomes lodged in the shell of an oyster. Sensing the object, the oyster deposits layers of a substance called “nacre” around the intruder, where it builds up over time. it takes years to create a pearl of decent size.

This is a model of the cages that cultivating Akoya oyster in the sea

Quality matching is very important for necklaces, earrings, brooches etc. No matter how good the quality of each pearl may be, if matching is poor, the value of merchandise decrease dramatically.

Pearl jewelry are always classic,elegant and sophisticated , have been one of the most popular and meaningful gifts. Don’t forget Pearls are birthstone for those born in June and the gemstone for the 30th wedding anniversary.

Thanks for reading. Stay healthy.


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