Art challenger on social media

A couple of weeks ago, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which is famous for its large collections of European paintings, sculptures and other works of art challenge to recreate a work of art with objects and people at home. The rules were simple: Choose your favorite work of art, use things from your house to recreate it, take a picture and share it on social media.

The public response came in the hundreds, then the thousand, of creative and funny remarks. And, it has not stopped yet.

The creativity of people has been well known for hundred of years.  During the Second World War, the women were called to work in the factories because the men were on the front lines, and the powdered milk to feed babies was invented!

Practically no one who is alive today had lived a confinement like the one we are experiencing now. Only a couple of weeks were enough to admire what humanity is capable of creating with color, objects, light, including animals.

I will show case few great examples of human imaginations at its best!

The Milkmaid. Johannes Vermeer

Lady with Fan by Gustav Klimt (1917-1918)

Girl with The Pearl Earring, is an oil painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, dated c. 1665.

Nothing like art as an expression of beauty in all its forms, painting, sculpture, literature, jewelry and much more.

Jewel Envy and all its team wish you a Happy Mother’s Day

Take care, be safe!