Alternative Materials in Jewelry.

Hello Sunday Readers,

Personal jewelry preferences
used to be simple: platinum or gold and diamonds; rubies, emeralds, sapphires
and some precious gemstones. No more. Today, high jewelry can
include unconventional materials, they are many times combined with
precious stones, like diamonds, rubies, and more.
A combination of unconventional materials
transcends all boundaries of creativity giving birth of works of art.
The point is to mix precious metals with
non-precious, to add components like wood, plastic, glass, resins, etc., and
created unique and beautiful jewelry.
The contemporary jewelry is sourced from thousands
of years of history and research and designers continue to use
precious  metals  and
stones  as  the
essence  of  the product,
but renewing, reinventing and experimenting with  new materials,  techniques and concepts.  The result of this innovation is the
surprising list of different materials, enabling the magnitude of shapes and
An incredible example of this news techniques is
the work of Vera Wei.
Vera’s pieces in the windows on Roncevalles
at Jewel Envy are a display of imagination, fine work and unique design.
Vera Wei was born in China and then studied in the United States
before completing her major in jewellery with a minor in photography in the
Material Art and Design program at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.
Vera Wei’s Wood-ball Earrings.
Vera specializes in a minimalist approach while integrating
mechanical and kinetic characteristics into her jewellery pieces. She loves
combining alternative and traditional materials to produce jewellery pieces
that redefine modernity and fashion.


Vera Wei’s Origami Ring
She believes each piece of jewellery has a significant story
embedded and it is up to the public and wearer to interpret the artists’
intention through observation, wear and touch.
Enjoy her incredible work and the work of the goldsmiths at
Jewel Envy.
Have a nice Sunday