Gaudi Architecture in Barcelona (and me, Jerell Reichert).

My passion is metalsmithing.  

Last summer I had the opportunity to travel for the first time in a long time.

I had planned to go to Italy. Florence in particular. I love their craftsmanship. Handmade Jewellery, Flame working, and Glassblowing in Italy is incredible. On investigating my trip, I found out that Florence, with its charming old streets, and ancient ruins, is not a good place for someone with mobility issues. Rome and Milan were also more accessible.

On researching the most accessible destinations, Barcelona was at the top of the list.

While it had the historic areas and neighbourhoods, there was enough modern structures and streets to make the trip less intimidating.

I loved the sound of Barcelona. A jewellery teacher of mine from George Brown, studied goldsmithing there, my nephew did a semester at business school there, and my neighbour exports wines from Barcelona to restaurants in Canada.  

I has heard that Barcelona had interesting art and good food.

It was more than a perfect city to visit. I spent 8 days in the city and I feel like it is an adopted city. Instead of moving to many different places, I signed up for tours and events.

I did everything I wanted to nurture my soul. I realized that traveling is a way for one to express who they are, or have it revealed to them.

What do you like, what brings you joy? I went to markets and galleries. Saw Old Masters, Mid Century Hero’s like Picasso and Dali paintings and his Jewellery. I went to cooking classes and churches.

And of course, shopping.

I bought the greatest clothing and shoes. leathers, high fashion and handbags

Is this what being authentic is?  Finding out what is at the core of you’re being and going after what you are interested in?

What do you what to spend your days doing?  What you want to be? What do you want to achieve in life?

Leaf Brooches by Urban Metal handmade by Jerell Reichert. Each piece is one of a kind.

I think about the times when I followed my passions and I was so happy and successful in my job.  Other times, when I followed the path that other people followed; if it was good for them it was good for me. The biggest mistakes of my life were because I was following someone else’s dream. Even if it was their dream for me, it was not the right dream.

When I look back at my life, coming up with interesting ideas in business, marketing, strategic alliances/partners, fundraising and jewellery making have always been my passion.

I guess it is no surprise that I am a marketer, goldsmith and gemologist, and always have a new idea! – Jerell Reichert

Necklace by Urban Metal handmade by Jerell Reichert.

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