Becoming a Goldsmith.

Hello Sunday Readers, 
Being a Goldsmith is something
really new for me, after years at school and many more at work in
Colombia, as an economist, I came to Montreal and I had the opportunity
to learn and enjoy something completely different, I went back to school and I
became a goldsmith, it sound incredible even to me, I’m a goldsmith in
process, I learn every day and I know I won’t finish learning. 
work now with few people, incredible talented and unique, I feel this
time work is completely different than the one before, I was one among
eight hundred coworkers before, good and great people too, many of them still
my friends up today, but I was one more in a big chain, now I do my own
work and I have the chance of starting from scratches and see the final
product, to enjoy what I have done in a very different way than before,
the create what I design, I’m my own person!
Being an independent goldsmith running my own business from a collaborative space is so rewarding.
change an office for a bench was more than unthinkable. To work by
myself with myself is amazing. To work with talented people is a
challenge. To be happy when a client is happy, it’s a joy. 
I have learned so much in this few years that my baggage is much more lightweight. 
are rules, in every job there are, but they become a very important
part of my accomplishment,
the team at Jewel Envy, as I always call my
teach me every day how important is to be part
of an incredible an unique group of people, the artists than today are a very important part of my life. Seeing and admiring their incredible work, it’s one more thing
of the great things that been goldsmith gives to me every day. 
have been a happy camper all my life, I loved what I did for so many
years before, I love and cherish what I do now, I’m a proud mother and grandmother,
I’m a lucky one! 
A pic of my last work, 9 K Aquamarine in White Gold with Diamonds. 
HPLafaurie, Jewellery Design


Have a nice Sunday!