Best Art Jewellery Store in Toronto? (yes, that’s us!)

I don’t know if you caught our studio reel yesterday, but Gillian, the studio owner (organiser? one-woman motivating band?) announced that the shop has won an award for 2021/2022: Best Art Jewellery Store-Toronto.

As you may know, we really strive to build relationships with our community. As a group of goldsmiths, we bring an eclectic aesthetic to the retail area of the studio, as well as high standard of quality. With our dedication to our own unique work, our commitment to helping clients realise their own vision for custom pieces, and our never-tiring pursuit of renewing and repairing your jewellery that you just want to keep on loving, it’s really nice when that dedication is recognised.

Here it is, in it’s new home at the studio!

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community- clients, students and my fellow goldsmiths, so thank you all for helping to contribute to our success, we really do appreciate it, and, as always, we hope to see you around the studio soon.

Enjoy the sunny Saturday!

Robin (House of Cassady)