BM/TM CO-OP Student Last Day

         Today January 23, 2015 is my last day here working at Jewel Envy and the end of my first semester. My experience working here has been a great one and I even had the opportunity to design my own rings. And that is chance not many co-operative students in high school get to do I’ve learned.
         When I was asked if I would like the chance to design my own piece of jewellery I was thrilled to work like real goldsmith and design my own. The first thing to was do my homework on ring designs. Next I carved the design in wax. It took me two tries in wax to get the ring design right.
         Third step was to get it ready for casting. It takes awhile before you can cast and since I have no experience in casting I had to learn first before I could cast my ring. I found it kind of hard because I only had few weeks left so it was rushed and we had to book a day to do the casting. Luckily I had a great supervisor Amanda who helped me out.
         There was a little mix up with casting and my ring was accidentally cast in the wrong metal. So we had to start over but we did not have to do too much we just made a silicon mold from the ring to make new waxes from for the new wax rings. When I started to cast the rings I was excited by how they came out. The next thing to do was emery and the final step was polishing.
        It was a great experience with many memorable moments for me. And to be able to take my own work home was more than I could say thank you for. These last two piece I worked on here at Jewel Envy are the ones I am most proud of for the hard work I did. And I am very happy to have been a part of the amazing work environment at Jewel Envy.