Busy Month

It’s Gillian here:o) It is Sunday evening and I am trying to finish up some paperwork and organize myself for a mini vacation next weekend! I am in serious need of some relaxation since this year has started off busier than expected.

Last month I started teaching a class at OCAD. I am really enjoying the course as it deals with patterning metal using techniques such as lamination and mokume gane. I am relearning some processes I have not used in a while and expanding on the ones I use frequently. As usual I am teaching at the studio and my GBC courses will start in March. Lucky for me I like to multitask and have still been able to do custom work and design new pieces for my collections

Below is an image of a new design. I finally found the seed pearls to make this and am really excited about using them for edging in my pieces.

The Body and Object show from the OCC has just finished and now I have to figure out what to do with this dress…suggestions are welcome!

I have also been planning my work for the Jewel Envy Group Exhibition. I have so many ideas right now and am trying to narrow it down to one cohesive thought!

I think I am going to try to update images here as well as on www.pash.ca as I have been inspired by Emily’s ability to keep everyone up to date on what she is doing. That is one of the great things about www.jewelenvy.ca we push each other forward by seeing what everyone does and how to make it all work.

Have a great week!