Flocking the day away

So as my title suggests I have been flocking away like crazy these past few weeks, so much so that I have forgotten to blog about it until now.  What is flocking you may ask? It is like adding a velvet like surface to my resin jewellery pieces.  The best part about flocking is that I get to paint a bit first then using a sliding tube with holes on the end I spray little rayon fibers onto the paint.  They stick in the paint and when it dries it is like a fuzzy sticker I have attached to my creations.  I am so excited about it because first and foremost it adds a textural element to my jewellery.  Anyone who knows me knows I love getting my hands on anything and everything.  I hardly ever resist the urge to touch things even when I shouldn’t.  And second, it comes in so many fun colours.  I will soon post pictures of some of my flocked jewellery since just reading about it is not nearly as fun as getting to look at it (which in turn is almost as fun as getting to touch them) 😛
This afternoon I am gearing up for a photo shoot with my friend Kevin Charlie – it should be a great time and I am sure that he will take some interesting photos of the studio, me at work and some of my jewellery.  You better believe I will be posting those up for you all to see as well!

Alrighty, that’s enough from me, back to flocking!