CO – Opertive Student

In the last month while working at Jewel Envy a gemologist came by to sell some gems at the shop. It was something different and it was a good learning experience about the wholesale business between the gem dealer and the shop. I was able to see the different kinds of gems they sell and how the cooperation between the two businesses work together.

For example, the gems that most people buy from he store are real but sometimes a customer wants to order a synthetic or manufactured gem because of the piece and the variety of the designs. While most of the real gems have interesting designs and vibrant colours just as the synthetics do, it really depends on what the customer wants. Synthetic gems are sometimes in demand because of the unique cuts and designs offered not available in natural gemstones. The shop usual buys real gems because they are preferred but now and then the shop will buy synthetic gems for orders for their customers or because there is a specific shape they need for a design. That was something I didn’t really know about the synthetic gems. How some people would sometimes order the synthetic because of the cut and design. This experience has been memorable one and one of my favourite so far in my co-op placement. I was even able to buy a small gem to keep. For any co-op students looking for a placement I recommend you take your co-op placement at Jewel Envy has it has been good experience for me here!
                                                                                                                           – Rebecca G.