Ever since diamonds were first discovered in South Africa, they have found their way into our culture as symbols of love, status and wealth.  After years of research, geologists and scientists have a better understanding of how diamonds form in nature. It is believed that the right conditions for diamonds to be created are at elevated temperatures of 900°C to 1300°C in combination with an extremely high pressure of 650,000 psi to 850,000 psi.

In nature, there are only certain places that provide conditions like these and that’s deep within the Earth

In fact, most diamonds form inside the Earth’s mantle under parts of the continental crust called cratons. These provide stable environments that allow diamond crystals to grow over millions of years.

And it’s no coincidence that cratons are found in continents like Africa and Australia which also happen to be the biggest producers of gem-quality diamonds in the world.

Diamonds, aquamarine, white gold ring.

Diamonds can be created by asteroid impact too.

When an asteroid strikes the Earth’s surface, the epic collision creates a massive explosion of heat and pressure on the ground. Carbon based deposits in the impact crater can get turned into tiny diamonds in an instant.

The Popigai crater in Russiais a spot which was struck by a large asteroid millions of years ago. And the immense pressure and temperature generated by the impact turned the surrounding metamorphic rocks and graphite into diamonds.

There are diamonds from deposits of meteorites fall too, Besides creating a spectacular sight in the night sky, meteorites also deposit their contents onto the ground when they hit the Earth’s surface.

The first scientific breakthrough in man-made diamonds came in 1954 when General Electric developed a process  that successfully replicated the conditions for natural diamond formation.

This process is called High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and involves the use of seed crystals which are grown in super-heated anvils.

Diamonds are incredible meaningful stones, the sizes, the colors, the shapes, the prices, even the qualities can be innumerable, but the only thing that made them incredible is the love that surround them. 

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