El Dorado exists!

Some of us are all familiar with the “El Dorado” myth, and if not, it’s a myth created by early colonizers which tells the story of a hidden city where almost everything is made of gold. many went in search of El Dorado but none could find it.

The myth has its origin in a place where gold was an abundant metal, so much that the Muisca tribes offered it to a lake as a way to gain favor with their gods. The Muiscas were an precolumbian Andean tribe that inhabited the central region of what is today Colombia.

The Muiscas were skilled goldsmiths and crafted many gold ornaments to be wore, their practices of offering gold to the Guatavita lake were the inspiring source of the El Dorado legend, and according to modern day local legends, the bottom of the lake is still lined with the gold offerings; or maybe it is hiding the entrance to El Dorado.

We can only be certain that precolumbian tribes had excellent goldsmithing techniques and created beautiful pieces that will inspire myths and legends, not a short feat at all.

If you ever want to visit EL Dorado, you will just have to buy a plane ticket to Colombia, spend a few days in Bogota and visit El Museo Del Oro (The Gold Museum) where all surviving pieces of precolumbian jewelry are exhibited.

This one is just an example of what you can find inside the museum, a must for jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts.

Mauricio F.

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