Enamel? What’s that, you say?

Grouping of enameled jewellery in sterling silver

Who doesn’t love a bit of colour, when it comes to jewellery? Mixed metal colours (eg silver/high karat gold), gemstones that make a rainbow, and enamel. Enamel is so fun, and versatile. So, what is it? There are a few things that are considered “enamel” (more about that in a bit), but traditionally, enamel is a silica-based colour– that’s right, it’s glass! This means that, like soft stones, you do need to be a bit careful with it, but the effects are totally worth it.

free form sterling silver ring with purple, white and black eggcup sterling silver ring, red enamel flat disc pendant with a cutout, enameled jewel shapes in a split sterling silver ring, yellow enamel oval concave cufflinks in sterling silver, five multi coloured enameled chunky hearts on a large ring chain bracelet in sterling silver
Sterling silver with traditional glass enamel and ceramit, a ceramic-like enamel. (L to R: sterling silver growth ring by Alex Kinsley Vey, Egg shell ring by Edna Milevsky, Red enamel on sterling silver flat M pendant by Robin Cassady-Cain, Enamelled Gems ring by Alexis Kostuk, enamelled heart bracelet by Jerell Reichert, yellow cufflinks by Gillian Batcher.

Another type of enamel, Ceramit, gives a ceramic and glass-like finish, but is used in liquid form, and solidifies at much lower temperature than traditional glass enamel requires to melt. Personally, as a goldsmith, I like the versatility of traditional enamel, as well as the potential for unpredictability, depending on how you use it when making a piece of jewellery!

Come in and explore colour in the retail area at the studio. Or, if you fancy having a try at enameling yourself, come in for a workshop! We do a one day workshop, and if you’re interested, if you don’t see it on the schedule, drop us a line (info@jewelenvy.ca), and we’ll put it up!

Happy Saturday!

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