You might be familiar with engraving from custom initial rings or pendants you have been given as a gift.
Well! Engraving done by hand uses tools like these called gravers that scrape into the surface as you draw across a piece of metal.
Here is a sample piece that really shows each step it takes to add the detail you see in engraved designs.

Imagine the skill it would take to draw INTO metal. Most work is done on flat surfaces (like the initial on the ring and sample above). Building up skill over time engravers take on custom creations especially on one of a kind rings, check these out:

Engravers can work on older pieces bringing them new life or even on the work of one of our goldsmiths here at Jewel Envy. We can custom create a ring and work with an engraver to create a beautiful and one of a kind ring. Check out more rings below! – Alexis