Every Day Brings Its Own Magic!

Hello Sunday Readers,

Every Day Brings Its Own Magic!
This is a saying, well know, in my South American Culture.
Simple things are magical, and we must always remember the simple things.
Like getting a new pair of shoes, even if they are too tight at first, the first day of school even 
if we are afraid, or just getting a lemonade on a perfect summer day.
We have to be mindful to enjoy each experience as it is happening.  
When I moved to this country, I took the opportunity to try something new and  I became a 
goldsmith in my second and incredible life in Canada, I love jewellery, the magic of knowing
how incredible it’s to make a gorgeous piece you can appreciate time after time and find it 
amazing!  It’s magic to see my ideas come to life. But what surprised me the most, is the joy 
I feel helping others, capture their dreams in a custom pieces.
Creating fine jewelry is that brings magic into someone’s life.  It’s also incredible to think that 
piece may become a family heirloom.  
Artists obtain inspiration from all types of sources. My inspiration recently arrived in the form 
of my lovely grandson, Simon, I translate the love and happiness he inspires in me into the 
pieces that I design.  
The magic of being a grandmother is indescribable.  I loved being a mother and having a 
close relationship with my daughter Laura.
I realize every day, that being a mother is an honor, but being a grandma is a privilege! 
Simon has changed my life.
I made Laura a ring, among many other pieces,  that matches mine with diamond and rubies. But my most loved pieces now for her are simple, and mindful.  

18 karat white gold, 10 mm 3.87 ct. Diamond
Two baguettes of diamonds 3 mm x 1.5 mm 0.06 ct. Three rubies and six accents diamonds

This  bangle, that she doesn’t take off,  has only one charm with Simon’s date of birth.
I say only one charm because I hope to fill the bangle with many more! 

  Sterling Silver Bangle with Charm
The pendant, in a short chain has a plate with Simon name on it.

  Sterling Silver Pendant, 16″ chain
It’s the small little things surrounded by big,  incredible ones, like my daughter, son-in-law 
Brendan, Simon and creativity that make my life so rich and marvelous.
I love what I do, I’m very lucky.  I have my head full with ideas. I think Simon brings the best 
of me, He make my life so rich and wonderful.  He helps me see the world with new eyes.
I thank God for this great and unique magic, to have this two wonderful things in my life at the 
same time.  
Have a nice Sunday.