Exciting Future for Jewel Envy

Jewel Envy has been open for almost six years at our Spadina location. This space was perfect when we opened up and allowed us through trial and error to go through some of the natural growing pains of a new business. We have enjoyed the community in our building and the easy access to everything but after all this time we have outgrown the space. This is a wonderful thing for a small business to be able to say!

We have found we need more room for our classes, our jewellers and our work! Although moving may seem out of the blue I have been on the hunt for the perfect location since last fall. There were some close contenders for new spaces but something always came up that made me realize it was just not for us. I am thankful I was able to hold strong and keep looking as I finally found the space that we can take the next step in. Our new location will be a ground floor on the vibrant Roncesvalles strip in the west end of downtown.

The space will need some renovations to customize it to our needs but I am looking forward to the process. Our current location will stay fully operational until we make the move west in the fall. We look forward to this expansion and next step!


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