Gem Colour Combos

I recently created a couple pieces of jewellery with a gradation of gems. What I found is that it is difficult to come across a full range of colour when searching for gems or to come across the saturation of colour that I love. I have purchased a few boldly coloured gems that I have yet to use, but keep going back to sketches to try and mix in new colour combos. I recently dove into Pomellato‘s website to oogle their wares and share with you some of their stunning colour combinations. I can only assume that they create custom cuts of gems for their creations and they don’t shy away from combining bold and beautiful colours together. Check some of them out just below and follow the links attached to the images to Pomellato’s website. -Alexis

Coral with emeralds/coral with peridot.

Amethyst and brown diamonds/Smoky quartz and rubies

London blue topaz and rubies/turquoise and rubies/ceramic turquoise and amethysts.

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