Artist Spotlight on Gillian!

Sunday readers!
We are
celebrating our tenth anniversary this year—a milestone for Gillian E. Batcher,
who is not only the owner operator of Jewel Envy but also, a woman, a daughter,
a friend, a goldsmith a wife, and a mother.
She opened
her first jewellery studio ten years ago in
downtown Toronto.

She has a
degree in Psychology, and graduated with distinction, from The University of
Western Ontario. After completing her degree, she went to George Brown College
and completed the three-year Jewellery Arts program, graduating with
Next she went
to Florence, Italy to study an intensive jewellery course, focusing on textile
techniques in precious metals, and she participated in a three-year residency in
the metal studio crafts studio at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.
has been running with great success her business, congratulations to her, to
her husband Matthew, and her gorgeous baby Everly, for these ten years of
growth in this incredible, competitive and difficult career.
We, the
resident goldsmiths at Jewel Envy are very proud of being part of this achievement.
Helena (resident

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