Gems – Opt for choice

Here at Jewel Envy, we have access to gemstones that can meet your needs, but we also have access to options that you might not think are possible.

Using Sunstone as an example:

Which of the gems in the picture below are true sunstone?

For some people, the large stone on the left is what they have seen in stores and shops as sunstone, goldstone, or “golden sunstone”. It is opaque and consistent, and it is an imitation. If you have not seen the genuine material in various forms, you might miss out on a beautiful piece.

Sunstone is soft, so it is more appropriate as a special pendant than an everyday ring, which requires a stone that is hard to scratch. As typical with other gemstones, the quality can make for dramatic differences in options and price.

When a client is interested in a gemstone or creating a new piece, they can be shy about sharing their budget or personal tastes, but it really does help us to make sure we are offering the best options for the very best result.

It takes experience to sift through all of the different jewellery info out there, so drop by or drop us a line and let us make sure you are on the right path!

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