Give the gift of a Happy Dance

Here at Jewel Envy, we make gorgeous handmade jewellery and art to delight special someones everywhere. However, as small business owners and independent artists, the pieces we sell contribute directly to our livelihood. So when someone chooses a well-loved piece to bring home, we get pretty happy about it.

Everyone in the studio has a different way of celebrating, and those celebrations are usually very close to their personalities. Gillian, the studio’s owner, is a mom, and is very nurturing to everyone here. When a customer buys work from Gillian, she will not admit it was her piece until after the sale, when she smiles, gives them a warm thank you, and she cheers internally. She is just as happy to send a studio goldsmith her congratulations email when their work is purchased.

Jennifer enjoys being a bit silly. Every time her work sells, she will break out in a little dance that involves jazz hands and the twist, though she might wait until no one is watching.

When someone chooses one of Alexis’s lovely pieces, she impulsively expresses her thanks out loud, whether anyone is around or not.

We all have our own version of the small business happy dance. We will be performing them all week, so check our hours, and drop by to pick up last minute gifts or see if you can catch a glimpse of what Jenn likes to call her “twinkle fingers” jig.