A holiday? Yes please!:)

Well, with the holiday rush coming to a close it is exciting to think of what is next on the agenda!
This holiday season taught me that you can never start planning to far ahead.
I have been daydreaming about the new spring/summer collection for 2011.  It is so fun to let my mind wonder back to my holidays in Muskoka last summer…those 2 weeks were filled with inspiration!
If there is one thing I’ve learned about having your own business in 2010 it is that there will always be a    TO DO list and that there will never be a time that it  is all done, but rather then letting that discourage       you think to yourself “Am I having fun doing this?”and if the answer is YES then just keep on keeping on and enjoy and the ride along the way!  ūüôā
Happy Holidays!  I hope your time off will be spent with family and friends!
I am certainly looking forward to spending time with mine. *K

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  1. The holiday season rush can really take it out of you, I know it does with me, so having that holiday is good for recharging the batteries in more than one sense.
    I wish you luck with your Spring Collection

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