How long is forever?

Dear Sunday Readers,
How long is forever? I don’t really know! When time passes so quickly and life is
so hepatic, it’s challenging to find time to enjoy life to the fullest.
was the last time you spent the evening reading a good book? The type
of book
that keeps you awake all night? Do you remember the joy of watching a
good movie while eating ice cream from the tub with a spoon? Do you think it is still
possible to go through the day without reaching for your cellphone?
When was the last time you enjoyed a long and
meaningful conversation with a good friend instead of sending her or
him a text message?
ask myself these questions and realize that life is short and the most
thing we have are our friends, our family and ourselves! So, it is very
important to find time for one another and ourselves, and find our
feel-good factor too!
is an incredible season, walk, enjoy the lovely weather, eat fresh
food, laugh,
wear that beautiful dress that has been in your closet untouched for
months, and give yourself the pleasure of being happy and festive!
The best it’s just to come, look forward to it, and love yourself more than ever before!
You are a lot of incredible things!
Come to visit us, let us know what your thoughts are about our work. We are
always interested in your input and ideas!
Have a nice Sunday!

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