How to make jewellery by using 3D printing technology?

Handcrafting and lost wax casting plays an important role in jewellery production world. Nowadays, 3D printing technology is advancing day by day, and it has been integrated into the jewellery industry. 

Many goldsmiths began to use 3D modeling technology in their own jewelry production, because it nicely visualizes their design, and greatly improves the production efficiency. But, what is the process of making custom designed jewellery through 3D modeling technology?

1, First and foremost, communicate with customers and understand what they want.

2, Goldsmith can then construct the jewelry in the 3d modeling software, and show the details of the jewellery to the customer through rendering.

3. Making models through 3D printing allows goldsmiths to efficiently adjust the details of the jewellery and find the ideal design.

4. Use 3D printer prints the cast-able wax, then cast the wax into the final metal through lost wax casting.

5. Finish the jewellery through a series of fabrication process. 

Here is a finished custom design piece by Rex Feng.

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