Hybrid exhibition revisited through the comments by you!

This year
during our group exhibition around the theme “Hybrid” we asked
viewers to interact with the show by leaving comments. Viewers could provide
their own interpretation of a piece, comment on a piece, or let us know their
favourite work in the show. We had a wonderful response and below are some of
the comments about the work!
Love the beginning of Life it reminds me of a beautiful Bloom. – Marion
Coral Reef & Chochos by Helena Perez Lafaurie: I felt connected to
the planet the moment I saw H.P.L.’s pieces. The raw beauty & asymmetry was
so perfectly balanced with the final form and colour, Love! – Jenny
I like the unique pieces. Awesome local business. Very nice staff and
owner. – James
Fascinating, thought provoking, marvellous – Veronica
I really like the pieces, but three items really call out to me: Gillian
Batcher’s whimsical & imaginary animals are so cute but also so well
crafted. They make me happy when I look at them. Lafaurie’s organic piece made
of emerald, silver with a wood base harkens back to the elemental: we know that
for eons and eons, far below the earth, precious jewels have been developing
their unique strata. The wooden stand with its indigenous ethnicity depiction
is unusual & an important statement of life on this planet. Thirdly, I love
Alexis Kostuk’s foray into indigo enamels. Her necklace is luxurious and strikingly
simple, even with so many components. I would wear this piece instantly! The
whole exhibit covers every aspect of fancy. Well done! -Andrea
Are beautiful dinosaur bees the future? – Devon
I like Amanda Henderson’s Mixed Gold, Silver, Copper Necklace. –
Alexis Kostuk. Elegant, nice shades of blue, eye catching. – Bernard
Hybrid is a fantastic concept to combine different creative pieces and
colours and create something unique. It’s really interesting and fascinating to
create in this way. – Marlene
Hybrids are a very relevant idea in our world today with the rapid
spreading of ideas and information. I am always surprised and amazed by the
unique creations I find. – Rania