In Studio COVID 19 Pin Competition!

Each of these pins was designed to represent the pride we feel in getting the COVID 19 vaccine. These pins are meant to inspire those who are able to get vaccinated to do so and show that badge of pride for helping your local community and the world get this devastating virus under control.

Jewel Envy goldsmiths were invited to design a clutch style pin and one will be chosen by our customers to be put into production. Please vote on your favourite design. The design that receives the most votes will be announced on June 16th and then available for pre-order while being made and then for sale through the Jewel Envy website and in the shop. Orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received!

Voting will take place from June 1st- 15th. The winner will be announced on June 16th.


Voting is now closed! The winning design is #3 by Edna Milevsky!

Design #3 is available for pre-order online and will be in the shop at the start of July! Pre-order your pin here:

Thanks for getting vaccinated, doing your part for the community, and shopping local!