It’s a beading kind of day!

Today we had a Goldsmithing For Beaders workshop, so with all of the fun beady work happening I decided to join in and work on one of my necklaces that required stringing aquamarine beads. I find tying knots between each stone to be therapeutic. It’s that kind of repetitive work that is perfect for reflecting on life, the universe, and everything.

Tying knots between each aquamarine with my coffee was the perfect way to spend my morning.
Completing the necklace was the best way to start my afternoon!


An action shot of Lauren teaching the workshop. She is demonstrating how to add beads 
to a necklace, like her Bed of Bones necklace pictured on the right.

It was a fun day full of jewellery making and beading. We hope to see you for one of our many upcoming workshops or 8 week classes!

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