New collection, new gemstones!

I’ve just got some gemstones in for the fall/winter collection…this season I wanted to try something a little different so I ordered some rose cut and cabachon gemstones.
The Rose cut, which has been in use since 1520 was created to resemble an opening rose-bud. It is chosen when the loss to the stone would be great if the Brilliant cut were selected. The characteristic of the Rose is that it is flat below, and forms a hemisphere or low pyramid above, covered with small facets. The facets are in two rows : those in the upper row are called star-facets ; those in the lower diagonal facets. In the centre there are generally six facets of triangular shape.
This type of cut is often seen in vintage jewellery as it was often how diamonds or coloured gems were cut.  As you may already know – I am inspired by vintage pieces and I am loving where things are going as I dive into creating these new lines!
Check out my PINTERST board for fall/winter 2012 to see more of my inspiration…

Kathryn Rebecca 

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