Jade Dumrath

Every once in awhile, we like to shine spotlight on an artist in particular. This week’s edition features 
Jade is a resident goldsmith here at Jewel Envy, who comes to us by way of the jewellery program at NSCAD. A stint as an Umbra product designer has resulted in the merging of these two different design worlds in her metalsmithing work. She manages to create objects and wearable jewellery that are both functional, and easy on the discerning eye.
Take a look at some of her pieces:
A trivet that becomes a bowl. A lovely geometric piece that combines workworking and metalsmithing and fruit. A winning combination!

 Another awesome trivet. I like the way the angular metal contrasts with the lighter, softer colour of the natural wood.

Vases! The linework is just great, I really like the depth and texture that it creates.
 Really interesting bracelet! I tend to gravitate towards pieces with texture and pattern. I like how the detail here is also functional.

 Heart ring, with gems for valves. I heart this!