Jewel Envy has a new summer intern!

Hiya everyone!

I am just completing my first week of interning here at Jewel Envy, and about to start my very first blog post ever. I guess it’s time I introduce myself as the newest member of the Jewel Envy team! 🙂

My name is Taylor Norman and I have just finished two years out of three in the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College. My education so far at George Brown has been incredible and I have learned so much, but the one think I felt was missing towards the end of second year was real-world experience. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to apply to become Jewel Envy’s summer intern when the posting went up around our studios!

I have always had an interest in running my own business, but the thought of trying to start up a studio with only a few years of knowledge and literally no experience was totally terrifying for me. Gillian (owner of Jewel Envy and entrepreneur extraordinaire) has so far been an incredible mentor and teacher (and it’s only been a week!!!)

Today, I’m learning how to gold plate! I can’t wait for what I will learn over the course of this summer!

– Taylor