Jewellery of Gillian’s Wedding – Grand Finale!

Here it is… the post you’ve been waiting for!
The fabulous bride and groom, and the jewellery they wore! I’m sure you already guessed that the jewellery would spectacular, and you won’t be disappointed!

Here are the lovely couple!
Matthew is holding Gillian’s bouquet, which is not made of real flowers, it is made of gemstone flower brooches! What a perfect bouquet for a goldsmith!

Just look at that gorgeous filigree necklace! It was handmade in 18K gold by the Gillian herself. Those lovely sparkling gems are mutli-coloured sapphires (Gillian’s favourite gemstone).

And those earrings!
They were custom-made for Gillian by her friend and bridesmaid (and Jewel Envy’s manager), Alexis Kostuk (Glacial Jewellery). They are made of sterling silver, white sapphire, aquamarine, and resin.

(Photo by Mark Anthony Studios)

 Not to be out-done… 
Here is Matthew, wearing cufflinks that he designed! During one of our Jewel Envy events, Matthew carved a wax (inspired by the X-Men logo), which Gillian then cast in sterling silver.
Each of Matthew’s groomsmen received a gift of either cufflinks or a lapel pin with this design.
Here’s a shot of the back of Gillian’s dress. She worked with the dress designer to create her stunning dress, and they planned this sapphire chain into the design.
 Gillian also wore rings that were all symbolic to her and that represented her family.
Left pinky: This ring was given to her by her mom when she was young. It actually belonged to her mom as a child. It is carved and painted ivory.
Left ring finger: A gift from her paternal grandparent’s for her Bat Mitzvah.
Left middle: The gold band was her maternal grandmother’s wedding band.
The heart ring was a gift from her maternal grandfather when she was a teen.
Left index: This cameo was Gillian’s “something borrowed” from her mom’s cameo collection.
This watch that Gillian wore represented her maternal grandmother.
And… the moment we’ve all been waiting for….
The rings!

These rings were all custom made within Jewel Envy by Amanda Henderson of Jewelust and Gillian (Pash).

Engagement ring– This 18K palladium white gold ring was designed with a special concept that Matthew came up with. He wanted the ring to represent their two separate paths (the side of the ring with the claws are those paths) that join together at that magic moment in life, when two individuals find each other and fall in love (represented by the 1.75ct blue diamond), and then continue growing together, for the rest of their lives, in love (the joined path of sapphires that are not only graduated in size, but also in colour- getting brighter as they grow together). I had the pleasure of working on this ring with Matthew. We went through several designs together. I carved several rings, and we sat down and decided what we liked about each design, and what we should tweak. The result was a funky, colourful ring, just like Gillian!

Wedding bands– The bands were made by Gillian using a technique that she specializes in called Mokume Gane. The patterns are made by soldering together two different coloured metals, rolling them flat, cutting them in half, and soldering them together again. This process is continued until the desired number of layers is achieved (usually 16-32). The layered metal is then twisted, filed, or punched to create variation in the layers, and that changes the patterning. Then the bands are formed from this patterned metal and soldered together. Matthew’s band is made out of 18K palladium white gold and sterling silver, and Gillian’s is made out of 18K yellow gold, palladium, and blue diamonds to match her engagement ring.

Thanks so much for following the Jewellery of Gillian and Matthew’s wedding. It was a beautiful day, and we look forward to many more happy days with the two love birds!


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