Join us for a Meet and Greet with Shafiq Sarwari on Friday October 20th, 2023.

We are collaborating with Kerry Flowwa to bring her arts and culture meet up group to Jewel Envy for a jewellery arts discussion combined with the social cause of fundraising to help bring Shafiq’s family to safety.

Kerry organizes group events through Meet Up to discover local gems in her current city. As a world traveller she finds joy in making new discoveries and connections with locals and transplants wherever she goes. But her events aren’t just about making new friends she always chooses a way to give back to people through the charitable organization she founded called Flowwa. She registered her charity to help people “replace fear with joy, in the trauma-recovery journey” which she experienced first hand but that is a story for her to share.

Our event will be centered around Jewel Envy’s support for resident Shafiq Sarwari and helping bring his family to safety in Canada. Shafiq will be sharing his story of jewellery making, his flight from Afghanistan, and how a simple request for help turned into years of working on fundraising to bring his family to Canada.

Please RSVP here.

The event is free and people are welcome to donate on the spot with a chance to win a genuine diamond!

This game was inspired by a game I played as a child at the Exhibition in the summer. My grandfather used to take all of the grand-kids each year to the Ex but this trip was difference since it was with my dad and brother. My dad loved the vendor buildings and one person, whose booth I still remember, must have been selling jewellery, but also had this gemstone tray set up. You paid a fee and then got to guess which stone was a genuine diamond. They were all .10ct stones and I did not win….but that game has always stuck with me and as a professional goldsmith I have been able to run it a couple times at my studio over the years. I last time was in 2016 and we’re bringing it back for tomorrow nights event. Out of these 50 stones 47 of them are cubic zirconia, 2 are moissanite, and one is a genuine .16ct G/H I2 diamond. Donate money to the fundraising and have your chance to guess the correct stone. If you guess correct you will be notified after the event and the stone will be yours!

*if multiple people guess correctly there will be a draw for the winner as we only have one diamond to give away. The diamond has a retail value of $500.

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