June – The Month of Switcheroo

As our weather seems to be settling into more familiar summer patterns, we are heading into a month characterized by various options and shifts.

In the Zodiac, June is mostly for Gemini, the twins. People under this sign can be called indecisive, or impulsive, but having a Gemini dear to my heart, I prefer “flexible” and “innovative” and “spontaneous”.

It is no surprise then, that the birthstone for June is one of three options, and one of those options can change colours depending on the light in which it is seen.

A pearl has often been the traditional choice for a June birthstone, but its soft nacre can make it a delicate choice for everyday wear. These earrings by our Edna Milevsky are perfectly protected and showcased in her handmade designs.

Moonstone comes in different shades and shapes and can be a gorgeous, ethereal addition to any jewellery. Its white clouds and shadows will wave just below the surface as the piece is turned and moved to different angles.

Personally, I love Alexandrite. It is possible to get high quality, natural stones that change colour depending on whether they are viewed in natural light or not. When I say change, I mean big changes – reds, greens, purples, blues. They aren’t “moody”, they just seem different in different situations. It is also possible to get beautiful natural Alexandrites that do not change, and synthetic stones that change colour, at more accessible availability and prices.

Here at Jewel Envy, we have gorgeous pieces ready for your Junebug’s birthday, or have a chat with one of our goldsmiths about creating something new and unique!